We Have Given the following LECTURES on Architecture/Conservation

Edwardian Malvern: Lecture for Malvern Civic Week 2014, Local Listing and Surveying with Community Groups: HELM Training Day Worcester July 2016 ,The Gothic Architectural Styles Great Malvern: Autumn in Malvern 2016, The Architecture of Malvern and Conservation Issues : WMIHBC Event Sept 2017.  Interwar Architecture, materials and Conservation Issues, WM C20 Society 2018, Malvern History Society Gothic Malvern 2019

Example TOPICS:

  • Architectural Styles in British History
  • 20th Century Architecture
  • Historic Gardens
  • Use Of Traditional Materials e.g. Lime Mortar/Stone/Brick.
  • Terracotta/Faience
  • Local Heritage Lists
  • Assets of Community Value
  • Community Rights
Edwardian House Styles 1900-1918 Traditionalists/Edwardian Classicism/Arts & Crafts/Modern WW1
Restoration House Styles 1660-1714 included Baroque
Art Deco 1920s/1930s-Jazz Style/Inter-War Styles
Arts and Crafts 1870-1914 Vernacular Materials/Designers/Arts & Crafts Movement/Craftsmen