Architectural Standing Building Recording

Standing Building Recordings: These vary from Level 1 to 4.  We can undertake  Level 1-3 following the CIFA and Historic England Guidelines for best practise in Building Recording. We carry out the building recording survey and architectural written description with plans and high resolution photographs.The end product is in the form of a written report/booklet bound and in digital format. This is usually submitted to the LPA and all data is submitted to HER and Oasis.

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House History :  we can provide bound and digital reports on the history of a building, architectural or/and social by using archives and research or using documents provided by the client [Old Deeds/Maps] and produce a illustrative booklet.

Old Deeds /Indentures are a valuable resource telling us about the social history of a building and its age, it’s important to hold onto these or put them into the local County Archives
A thorough Building Recording includes recording interior features of a building including door furniture
Medieval- before the Dissolution and destruction of the Monasteries 1536
Georgian House Styles 1715-1790-Palladian/Neo-Classicism
Elizabethan /Jacobean House Styles 1560-1660 included Renaissance and Dutch Styles
Regency House Styles 1790-1830 Neo-Classicism/Greek Revival/Picturesque/Gothick