Condition and Maintenance Surveys

“Condition surveys on historic buildings should be performed by competent persons with knowledge of traditional materials, construction techniques and decay processes.”
BS 7913: 2013 para 6.2 “Condition surveys and inspections”

Our survey reports are based on the things we find – they aren’t tick box – they are descriptive of the house and its history – they describe the materials used, the faults, and potential remedial measures externally and internally.

We will undertake a condition and maintenance survey with our expertise as historic building conservation consultants – but not in the standard RICS format as this does not always work for an old building.  If your property is built before about 1920 – our surveys are focused on the build technique and materials used, and the way the building would have functioned. We look at the impact that modern builders and materials may have had on the building. Our condition Survey will outline what you will have to do to bring it up to date using traditional building materials.

Blocked Hopper 2
Medieval- before the Dissolution and destruction of the Monasteries 1536
Georgian House Styles 1715-1790-Palladian/Neo-Classicism
Elizabethan /Jacobean House Styles 1560-1660 included Renaissance and Dutch Styles
Regency House Styles 1790-1830 Neo-Classicism/Greek Revival/Picturesque/Gothick