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LPA comments on our reports:-

” The heritage statement and impact assessment has helped to assess the capacity for change and weigh up the balance between the public benefit and any perceived harm.”

”The Heritage Report provides a good assessment of the significance of the heritage assets.”

”Repairs to follow best conservation practice (SPAB/Historic England) and note any specific comments within the Heritage Impact Assessment.”

[Above]Example title page of a HIA report and inside page discussing beneficial and harmful impacts

[Above]Page example of a Heritage Assessment of a Regency House

and an example phasing plan for this early C19 house

One page example assessing the significance of an elevation Low to High

Assessment of Pews in a Church in Worcestershire. All examples can be seen on our Contractors Page ADS Library. Below -Title cover and example page

Below Title page of a Heritage Assessment of former 16th Public House

Link to Third Party Heritage Statement & Assessment of Significance funded by the community The former Malvern Community Hospital 1911.

Link to the PDF Report

RDA Heritage Statement Old Community Hospital 2015

Architect William Henman FRIBA

This report was funded by gifts and donations in 2015. It was written by RDA on behalf of the community of Malvern and beyond as it was felt that proper assessment of the Old Malvern Community Hospital building, Malvern, its history, character and importance and significance of the asset had not been fully told. The impact and loss through the proposed demolition of this 104 year old building would have a lasting effect on the community and the Great Malvern Conservation area. Unfortunately permission was granted to demolish in 2018.

Medieval- before the Dissolution and destruction of the Monasteries 1536
Georgian House Styles 1715-1790-Palladian/Neo-Classicism
Elizabethan /Jacobean House Styles 1560-1660 included Renaissance and Dutch Styles
Regency House Styles 1790-1830 Neo-Classicism/Greek Revival/Picturesque/Gothick